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English Workshops

Focused, targeted, and tailored for your needs. From presentations to writing, to hosting meetings, to developing cultural competency, our interactive, tip-packed workshops will supercharge your English communication skills.



Whether your teams need help writing clear, focused emails and reports, participating actively in meetings and conference calls with global colleagues, or learning how to present great content in a persuasive way,
Lado can design the right solution!

Meetings & Conference Calls

Hosting Foreign Visitors

High Impact Presentations

Email Writing

Speaking on the Spot

Networking Like a Pro

What will you learn?

Meetings &
Conference Calls

Learn how to make conference calls more interesting, inclusive, and engaging. Practice new skills through discussions, pair work, small-group practice, and simulations.

High Impact Presentations

Hone your abilities through a combination of facilitated discussion, and activities. Learn specific phrases and structures and develop techniques
to be a more effective presenter.

Email Writing

Develop stronger and clearer messages to colleagues, clients, senior managers, and overseas partners. Learn how to ‘interpret’ messages from others in order to be a more effective respondent.

Speaking on the Spot

Turbocharge your ability to organize your thoughts quickly, speak with confidence, and influence others.

Business Report Writing

Learn how to develop clear, high-quality reports. Build the skills needed to plan, structure, and write effective reports that get results.

Strategic Socializing

Socialize and network with purpose. Develop the art of social engagement, while building your confidence.

Hosting Foreign Visitors

Create a unique and positive impression of your country, its food, and its culture for your overseas guests.

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