Group Training

Study with peers of similar levels, needs, and interests.
Practice small talk, grammar, giving input to mock panel discussions, and much more.

Lado-group training

Group Training Process

Level assessment

English skills test to
measure your language ability

Talk with our experts
to clarify your English needs

Course design

Training programs
based on your specific needs

Matching trainers

Your needs are matched
with the most suitable trainer

Why Group Training?

Free Consultation
Effective Negotiations
Pre-Negotiation Preparation
Terms, vocabulary, and phrases
Different types of negotiations
Self-assess your negotiating style
Practicing real negotiation scenarios
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Meetings & Conference Calls
Hosting a meeting
Socializing before a call
Agreeing and disagreeing
Giving and asking for opinions
Meetings practice and simulations
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Group Training Popular Topics

Students are placed with others who have similar goals and English skills. The training material is selected based on the group’s needs, interests, and goals, to ensure the best learning outcome.

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