Business English Topics

Teaching Materials

Training materials provide the practical guidance, tips, and phrases you need, helping you master business English to an international level.

Course Content

Course content is as extensive as our industry expertise. From basic to advanced English, from technology to fashion, from business and finance to socializing and small talk.

Role Play
and Simulations

Role play and simulations provide a safe space for trainees to practice English phrases, grammar, voice techniques, and body language for a range of situations.

Immediate Feedback

Lots of practice, lots of feedback! Trainees will get immediate, constructive feedback to build their confidence and skills!

Lado's Main Topics

Impromptu Presentation Techniques

Learn how to:

  • Organize, prioritize, and express your ideas quickly and effectively
  • Use appropriate, natural-sounding phrases whatever the situation
  • Clarify and avoid potential misunderstandings
  • Give input more confidently and clearly
Explaining a Process
Making a List
Being Direct

Meetings and Conference Calls

Learn how to:

  • Contribute and interact in regional and global conference calls
  • Host or moderate an online meeting
  • Use techniques and phrases to enhance the meeting experience
  • Give and ask for opinions confidently and effectively
Agreeing and Disagreeing

High Impact Presentations

Learn how to:

  • Design persuasive, concise slide content
  • Set a clear agenda and handle unexpected interruptions
  • Use appropriate, elegant phrases for opening, closing, and describing trends
  • Respond to Q&A
Crafting your Message
Slide Delivery

Effective Negotiations

Learn how to:

  • Handle different types of negotiations
  • Understand and enhance your negotiating style
  • Use effective terms, vocabulary, and phrases in negotiation
  • Apply negotiation skills with confidence in realistic scenarios

Email Writing

Learn how to:

  • Write concise emails that are friendly, professional, and clear
  • Structure emails to get the response you need
  • Respond to emails with appropriate tone, phrasing, and content
  • Make word choices for enhanced variety, accuracy, and interest
Follow ups

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