We customize; we care


Lado builds an integrated framework, identifying the specific goals of trainees.

Our Customization Process

Level assessment

Trainees can take a formal writing or speaking test,
or an informal interview, according to their preference.

Needs assessment

Trainees can talk with our course designers to clarify
their desires and pain points, scheduling preferences,
and previous learning experiences.

Course design

Based on the needs and level assessments, we design an individual training plan with clear and specific objectives and approaches, methods, materials, and progress measurements.

Matching trainers to trainees

Trainees’ needs and experience are matched with the most suitable trainer to build knowledge, confidence, and skills.

Measuring progress

We involve trainees in interactive feedback,
including qualitative assessment and quantitative testing, to help develop future learning strategies and objectives.
We don't design courses
only based on basic English skills
We tailor our training material to
your needs and expectations.
We can adapt the course focus
to respond to your evolving needs.

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